Crushed Stone, Sand and Gravel are sold at our surface mine in Bennington, NH.

D.H. Hardwick & Sons Inc. is a rapidly emerging supplier of aggregates, offering various sizes of Quarry Run Drainage Stone and quality, dense grade Crushed Gravel products. Driveway and road material is also our specialty. Our Hard Pack Driveway Gravel has become a favorite. Since 1998, our Gravel Pit has supplied aggregates to local contractors at competitive prices. We are also honored to provide our materials to municipalities and state agencies (NHDOT). You will find our Bank Run and Ledge products to be of superior quality, with professional service at every visit! Our dump trucks are ready to deliver to your projects, whether it is a commercial site or a homeowner project, we are happy to help.

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D.H. Hardwick & Sons is now a Culvert Dealer.
“See details on ADS Drainage Pipe here”

Our Quarry and Gravel Pits are open for business April 1-November 30 (+ -)
Open 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Currently we do not accept Credit Cards.

*Call for availability in our off season, weather permitting.
*Sorry, we do not load pick up trucks.

*All products are loaded and sold by the cubic yard. 

View our product images (below) to help decide what material best suits your project.

When placing an order please note this rule of thumb: 
Gravel products are primarily used on road or driveway applications.
Stone products are used for erosion control, drainage ditches and walkways.

Cubic Yard Calculator
A cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. You can use these calculators to determine how many cubic yards of material are required for your project.
For a Rectangular Area (Length ft. x Width ft. x Depth ft.) / 27
For a Triangular Area (Length ft. / 2) x Width ft. x Depth ft.) / 27
For a Round Area (3.1416 x (Radius x Radius) x Depth ft.) / 27
Enter your estimated measurements for your project and then click Calculate to arrive at the yards needed.

For a Rectangular Area

Length (feet)
Width (feet)
Depth (inches)
Cubic Yards

For a Triangular Area

Length (feet)
Width (feet)
Depth (inches)
Cubic Yards

For a Round Area

Width (feet)
Depth (inches)
Cubic Yards






Customers use (untreated and unscreened) whole tree chips in Livestock Paddocks to help control mud and are great for erosion control on steep terrain. Wood chips are also placed to control woodline brush and can help with Tick control. Whole tree wood chips are also a visually pleasing method to maintain woods trails. While contractors sometimes use wood chips for Truck/Construction access matting for sensitive, wet areas. NOTE: Whole tree chips are fine for use under blueberry bushes and shrubs but are not recommended as a substitute for landscape mulch used in flowerbeds.

We are proud to serve the Monadnock Region and surrounding towns: Bennington, Antrim, Hancock, Hillsborough, Deering, Francestown, Peterborough, Dublin, Mont Vernon, Greenfield, Lyndeborough, Stoddard, Nelson, Washington, Windsor, Harrisville, New Ipswich, Temple, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Temple, Ridge, Sharon, Munsonville, Fitzwilliam, Milford, Wilton, Marlow, Henniker, Weare, New Boston and more.

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