Logging and Earthwork Services

D.H. Hardwick & Sons offers a variety of land-related services. Professional timber harvesting has been our specialty in New Hampshire for decades. You will also find that our Excavation Division and our Sales of Crushed Stone, Sand, and Gravel from our Quarry and Gravel Pit have been offered for decades as well.  D.H. Hardwick has a large fleet of trucks, ready to move products for all of our divisions. If you are local, you have likely seen our trucks on the roads. We serve Southern NH and beyond. 

Regardless of the size of your project, D.H. Hardwick will prove to be a wise choice for getting the job done right while keeping your pocketbook in mind. The Hardwicks are always customer-focused. Since 1978 our family-owned and operated company offers the extra care and attention that your land deserves. We stake our reputation on your satisfaction!

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This family operation takes pride in offering personalized services… Competitive pricing is an objective easily met due to the company’s integrated services and extensive business relationships developed over the years… Our main objective is to provide the highest quality of services while offering the best rates…


Property owners are pleasantly surprised with the positive, aesthetic outcome of a modern timber harvest. Harvesting your woodlot provides revenue with extra benefits. D.H. Hardwick & Sons is highly regarded in many NH Communities and will prove to be the proper choice for your logging and landclearing needs…


Since 1998, D.H. Hardwick & Sons Gravel Pit has supplied aggregates to local contractors at competitive prices. We are also honored to provide our materials to municipalities and state agencies (NHDOT). You will find our Bank Run and Quarry products to be of superior quality, with professional service at every visit! 


D. H. Hardwick & Sons is an Advanced Drainage Solutions (ADS) Pipe Dealer. ADS Culverts are among the very best in water management choices available. *Sold in 20 foot sections. 


Road Building, Driveway Maintenance and Field Creation is our specialty. D.H. Hardwick & Sons construction division was implemented in 1985 installing roads, later expanding into more diverse projects. 


Did you Know?
New Hampshire’s forests cover 84% of the state. New Hampshire is the second most forested state in the nation. 

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